BLACKPINK’s Lisa just made belly chains the accessory of summer 2024

BLACKPINK’s Lisa just made belly chains the accessory of summer 2024

If there’s one thing BLACKPINK’s Lisa knows how to do, it’s how to accessorise. The global superstar is known for her penchant for fashion, and she has the ability to turn even the most simple of outfits into a statement moment, adding a few key touches, like sunglasses, bags, and, in the case of her latest post, a belly chain.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is currently ringing in June on holiday and giving us all a glimpse at her accessories of choice on her Instagram. On June 4, the star took to her account to share her latest OOTD, which consisted of a graphic tee featuring an illustration of cars (Lisa is in her F1 era these days) plus some acid-wash studded jeans from Acne Studios. On her feet, she opted for a pair of Nike dunks.

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On paper, this seems like a simple enough outfit formula, but Lisa being Lisa, she took it the extra mile, adding a bunch of accessories, including some Louis Vuitton sunglasses, a bedazzled Diesel mini bag, a classic Bvlgari watch with matching rings and hidden in the fifth slide of her post, a dainty bronze gold belly chain.

Lisa only wears the belly chain in one of the pictures from her photo dump, the only one where she’s standing, but it adds a je ne sais quoi to her otherwise minimalist ‘fit. It appears the rest of the pictures were taken in a restaurant setting, and she decided to camouflage the belly chain as a bag charm, wrapping it around the handle of her tiny purse to prioritise comfort while sitting down.

With low-rise jeans and crop tops at the forefront of the fashion renaissance at the moment, there’s no better time to try out belly chains than now, and Lisa knows it well. Judging from a close-up picture she included in her carousel, her chain appears to be from Chrome Hearts, as it features the brand’s iconic gothic cross, but there are plenty of affordable options on the market, and you could always get creative with anything you might have laying around at home — just make sure it does not tarnish if you plan on taking it to the beach!

This feature originally appeared on Teen Vogue.

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