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Are you dating with ‘rizz coloured glasses’?

Are you dating with ‘rizz coloured glasses’?


What are “rizz coloured glasses,” you may ask.

Well, a lot of us have probably worn them without realising it. Moments into a first date, we are swept off our feet by the person sitting across from us. There’s something about their easy-going smile, their seductive eyes, their effortless charisma. You might say, they’ve got rizz.

Yes, rizz might be one of those Gen Z terms we’d love to retire soon, but it’s certainly a good descriptor. While charm and charisma can definitely send you into a giddy state of infatuation, it is rarely the only ingredient in a healthy relationship — so what happens if you keep falling for the wrong people? What happens if you can’t stop dating with ‘rizz coloured glasses’?

According to dating website, Plenty of Fish, quite a few of us are struggling to see clearly these days. In fact, ‘rizz coloured glasses’ are set to be one of the dating trends of 2024, with 52% of people surveyed claiming that rizz was attractive and 43% admitting to having fallen rizz.

Jessica Alderson, a dating expert and founder of So Synced, tells us more.

What is the “rizz coloured glasses” trend exactly?

Just like some of us might be prone to seeing the world around us through “rose tinted glasses”, giving the world a kinder, prettier, more optimistic tint than it has in reality, others may be drawn to see their dating lives through “rizz coloured glasses”. In other words, they might prefer to judge their dates based on rizz levels rather than things like compatibility.

Why is it so hard to see “behind the rizz”?

If you have a tendency to get swept up by someone’s ‘rizz,’ don’t panic. It’s actually very normal. After all, rizz can be attractive.

“By definition, rizz is all about charisma and smoothness,” says Alderson. “People with rizz have excellent communication and persuasion skills. They know how to engage others, create a positive impression, and convey their ideas convincingly. These individuals know exactly what to do and say to draw others in, and this is a powerful tool in the dating world.”

It can be hard to see past someone’s charisma because they often use it in the early phases of dating to draw us in.

“Rizz-filled individuals know how to tap into our desires and impact us on an emotional level,” she notes. “They might use humour, compliments, and flattery to make us feel good about ourselves and create a sense of connection. By doing this, they create a dynamic where we are less likely to critically assess their behaviour or intentions.”

In fact, someone with rizz can actually come across as a really great partner in the early stages.

“Having rizz goes hand-in-hand with confidence and self-assuredness, which can make people with rizz appear knowledgeable and trustworthy, even when their actual character may not align with these traits,” warns Alderson. “Confidence can be seductive, making it difficult for others to question or doubt them.”


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