Apple’s Latest (and Greatest) Apple Watch Is the Cheapest It’s Ever Been

Apple’s Latest (and Greatest) Apple Watch Is the Cheapest It’s Ever Been

When the Apple Watch Series 8 came out, we asked our readers, “Why have you been waiting this long to buy an Apple Watch?” The Series 8 made some major live-saving upgrades to its predecessor—like car crash detection and Backtrack, which is basically an IRL version of a video game’s “restart at checkpoint”—but its improvements and upgrades weren’t enough to get out from the under the shadow of the beefier, more impressive Apple Watch Ultra (also a great smartwatch, especially for the most active people among us). Now back to our original question: If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to finally get some Apple wrist candy, now’s the time since the Series 8 is marked down to its lowest price ever of $329, a 17% markdown from its original $399 price tag.

This is your moment to get in on the Apple Watch craze. This $329 deal applies to the smaller 41-millimeter Series 8, though the larger 45-millimeter option is also on sale, down from $429 to $359. Its advanced health features are more than enough to satisfy your need to track everything from how many steps you walked, pacing in your WFH office, to making sure you actually get up and move every once in a while to stay active. Another notable feature of the Series 8 is its very-accurate skin temperature sensor, which can help predict ovulation to help couples looking to conceive. It might not be the function you use the most, but it’s definitely a helpful tool and another plus for this watch. Of course, this tech is for Apple fans, so Google and Samsung phone users might want to look elsewhere for a smartwatch option. But Tim Cook stans: This is for you.

And while we have you, we found seven more great deals to shop this weekend because the deals never end here.

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