All the most empowering moments at GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year Awards 2023

All the most empowering moments at GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year Awards 2023

Here at GLAMOUR, it’s been a privilege to report on all the game-changing women fighting for a better world, from the Lionesses’ historic run at the FIFA Women’s World Cup to Georgia Harrison’s tenacious campaign to change the law on consent.

While we still have a long way to go, GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year awards, in partnership with Samsung, exist to celebrate how far we’ve come. At the event’s 17th anniversary, we were delighted to celebrate a glittering line-up of incredible women – including Fats Timbo, Lily Allen, America Ferrera, Ariana DeBose, and Halle Bailey – who are all flipping the script for women across their industries.

Taking place at One Marylebone, GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year Awards host Katherine Ryan kicked off the celebrations by taking aim at the patriarchy, and reader, she did not miss. She stood up for transgender women’s rights, called out misogyny in the police, and, of course, shouted out Beyoncé and Taylor Swift.

Next up, GLAMOUR’s European Editorial Director, Deborah Joseph, shared an inspiring speech celebrating the change-makers in the room, saying, “We’re here to celebrate. Women. Your accomplishments, sisterhood, and so much more…”

Here’s our round-up of the most empowering moments from GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year awards in partnership with Samsung 2023:

1. Katherine Ryan’s opening speech

You can always rely on Katherine Ryan to deliver an important message – and plenty of laughs. In her opening speech at GLAMOUR’s Women of the Year Awards, she called out the UK government’s stigmatization of transgender people, saying, “Just this month, health secretary Steve Barclay (a male secretary? Cute!) announced a consultation that could see transgender people banned from same-sex hospital wards even though it has subsequently been revealed that no cisgender woman has ever made a formal NHS complaint about sharing a ward with a trans woman…”

She continued, “Probably because everyone’s being treated in the fucking corridor! What ward? What ZERO beds won’t you be giving them, Rishi Sunak? People are giving birth on the FLOOR. By the way, no one’s ‘pretending to be a woman’ at the doctor for the privilege of having all your symptoms ignored and instead be patronised with ‘Have you tried going for a walk?’”

Are you listening, Rishi?

2. Deborah Joseph’s speech about gender equality

As European Editorial Director, Deborah Joseph has always put empowerment at the heart of GLAMOUR’s mission. In her opening speech, she reflected on how perceptions of gender equality have changed through the generations, saying, “I know, for a fact, my young daughter’s generation won’t put up with the shit that my generation has had to deal with. And, if they do, you’ll hear about it. Loud and clear, along with a TikTok move.”

“I’m going to leave you with this thought – from previous years, businesses and charitable endeavours have been started from conversations between women in this room. So turn to those sitting at your table – male allies included – and start a conversation. Who knows what incredible things you will have achieved by this time next year.”

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