All the major moments form GLAMOUR’s Empowerment Summit 2023

All the major moments form GLAMOUR’s Empowerment Summit 2023

We unlocked our ‘Main Character Energy’ during an incredible panel led by GLAMOUR Woman of the Year, Fats Timbo and starring Tiwalola Ogunlesi, the founder of Confident and Killing It; viral online sensation Sabrina Bahsoon (AKA Tube Girl); and activist and author Florence Given. We could basically fill a book will all the motivational quotes that came out of this panel talk – and we aren’t even joking.

“I will not be bullied out of my purpose” – Florence Given

Next up, viral content creators Oghosa Ovienrioba @Sincerelyoghosa and Michelle Reid @BeautyandtheBlog, delivered a masterclass in ‘How To Make An Online Video That Kills It, powered by Samsung.

“Empowerment is it’s not necessarily one place, it’s a journey” – Laura Whitmore

The afternoon session kicked off with ‘Pay Rises, Boundaries & Being Heard’: a panel chaired by GLAMOUR’s European Editorial Director, Deborah Joseph and featuring the expertise of Annika Bizon, Marketing and Omni Channel Director for Samsung UK, broadcaster, author and mental health advocate, Fearne Cotton; Fisayo Longe, CEO of Kai Collective and listed as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 and Jess Hunt, entrepreneur, social media star and Gen Z founder of viral beauty brand REFY Beauty.

Deborah Joseph is joined by Fiyaso Longe, Fearne Cotton, Jess Hunt, and Annika Bizon.

Next up, GLAMOUR’s Money Matters columnist, Makala Green, hosted an empowering, jargon-free panel featuring female financial powerhouses, including Ellie Austin Williams (AKA This Girl Talks Money), best-selling author of We Need To Talk About Money, Otegha Uwagba, and founder of financial literacy platform ‘Pennies to Pounds’, Kia Commodore.

“Stop running and recognise that everything that you need is within you” – Munroe Bergdorf

Our next panel was hosted by GLAMOUR’s very own Shei Mamona, who spoke to Paul C. Brunson, Tinder’s Global Relationship Insights Expert; Emma-Louise Boynton, writer, broadcaster, founder and host of the award-winning platform, Sex Talks; and Megan Crabbe, presenter, content creator and bestselling author of Body Positive Power, about modern-day dating and the power of self-love in relationships, powered by Tinder.

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