8 Best Briefcases For Men to Elevate Your Profile in 2024 | Fashion’s Digest

8 Best Briefcases For Men to Elevate Your Profile in 2024 | Fashion’s Digest

We’ve all been there.

Hustling from bus to bus or plane to plane, worried about that scary email we just got or the papers we forgot to send back to the insurance company. Life as a go-getter gets hectic, and the last thing you need is disorganization.

Briefcases offer a straightforward way to manage your busy life.

They’re not bulky backpacks with a ton of different compartments and confusing pockets. They’re just simple and convenient, making room only for the most necessary items.

I’ve searched far and wide for the best briefcases for men that’ll suit any need you may have, whether simply going into the office or flying across the world.

Keep reading to finally find the solution you’ve been seeking.

Key Takeaways

To uncover the best briefcases for men, I combed through dozens of brands, Amazon listings, and customer reviews. The eight below are the top choices I found based on materials, intended use, and price.

My top men’s briefcase is the Solo Grand Central Attaché Briefcase because of its simple silhouette and useful storage, followed by the budget DOMISO Waterproof Briefcase that costs as much as a dinner but still has top-tier durability.

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Best briefcases for men: Solo Grand Central Attaché Briefcase

Why it’s great: The Solo Grand Central Attaché Briefcase showcases a classic, sleek design with a large main compartment. Crafted from vinyl, it features an interior organizer section to keep files, pens, and gadgets neatly tucked away. It doesn’t skimp out on security, either, with its robust combination lock to prevent theft.

The thick wooden shell offers ample impact protection, and the four metal standing feet add stability for the most turbulent rides. The sub-$60 price tag is accessible, while still being a quality product that will last years. This is one of the best briefcases for men to have.

Who is this for? Young professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a classy affordable, functional, and durable men’s briefcase.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The briefcase’s combination lock may get stuck from time to time. Just make sure your combination numbers are firmly at the center before opening it.

Size: 18 x 5 x 14 inches | Material: Vinyl | Colors Available: 1

MISMO M/S Endeavour

Why it’s great: If you want to splurge on one of the best briefcases for men, then go for the MISMO M/S Endeavour. This high-end briefcase offers minimalist elegance but still keeps your laptop and other items secure and organized.

Designed with double-zip twin compartments, it can hold a 16-inch computer and keep it safe from impact through a nifty soft foam pocket. The two opposing open pockets are great for small accessories.

If you’re focusing on style, the tightly woven navy fabric and dark brown leather pair well with any outfit. And finally, the strap locks are built from solid brass, ensuring that they won’t snap off the bag even if you tend to be rough with your possessions.

Who is this for? The underrated elegance of this briefcase will attract men looking to elevate their corporate attire while also prioritizing functionality. It’s like the best of both worlds.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This men’s briefcase is priced at over $700; but if you know what you want, it’ll be worth the investment.

Size: 15 x 11 x 3 inches | Material: Recycled Nylon or Canvas, Full-Grain Bridle Leather | Colors Available: 4

Steele & Borough The Laptopbag

Why it’s great: The Steele & Borough Laptopbag is offered in a beautiful black or navy. Its simple-yet-professional design is made from cruelty-free vegan leather accents and water-resistant nylon. The embodiment of the Scandinavian design philosophy of “less is more,” it hides wide compartments and organizers underneath the exterior.

It features one zip pocket, two small open pockets, and a padded laptop storage for up to 16-inch computers. Each space is neatly separated to keep the items organized. It has subtle details like logo-engraved zippers and a monogrammed interior pattern.

Who is this for? Guys who want a classy look but also care about animal-friendly materials like vegan leather.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: The bag’s a bit on the bulky side. The shoulder straps have no pads, so it might become a bit uncomfortable to carry.

Size: 15.75 x 11.80 x 2.55 inches | Material: Waterproof Nylon and Vegan Leather | Colors Available: 2

DOMISO 17 Inch Multi-Functional Laptop Sleeve Business Briefcase

Why it’s great: Wallet-friendly, weather-resistant, and spacious, the DOMISO Multi-Functional Laptop Sleeve Business Briefcase is all the modern man needs. Its exterior is made from a high-density waterproof fabric that keeps everything inside safe from moisture.

This is one of the best briefcases for men. The interior is built with a special customized EPE material that protects your items from impact damage. Its zippered storage pockets are also great for holding computer accessories like a mouse or power bank.

Aside from the main laptop compartment, it also has a place for a tablet, two front pockets for business cards, and one back pocket for books and magazines. This briefcase can also function as a shoulder bag, with a detachable and adjustable strap, and the built-in back strap makes it easy to attach to your carry-on luggage.

Who is this for? A budget-friendly laptop bag for guys who work remotely or travel frequently. You can fit up to a 17-inch laptop with enough space for additional accessories.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Customers note that the shoulder strap runs a little thin with 1.5” webbing. It also might end up getting bulky if you pack too many items.

Size: 18.11 x 13.19 x 2.24 inches | Material: Polyester | Colors Available: Varies by size (up to 9)

Lubardy Men’s Messenger Bag Vintage

Why it’s great: The best briefcase on Amazon is the Lubardy Men’s Vintage Messenger Bag with over 2,000 positive reviews. Perfect for guys who enjoy the vintage look, this waterproof leather bag can easily carry a 15.6-inch laptop. It has a zippered back and front pocket for documents and small accessories.

The interior comes with two inner slip pockets fit for phones, power banks, and pens—everything you could need in a day. The bottom rivets provide stability on any surface and the removable strap can even turn it into a shoulder bag.

The main compartment also has nifty magnetic straps and a main zipper to keep everything inside secure.

Who is this for? This vintage messenger bag is perfect for anyone studying, working, or traveling. The waterproof leather ensures that your items won’t get damaged when you’re on the go.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: This is one of the best briefcases for men. However, the bag’s leather makes it a bit stiff compared to other materials. Packing it too full won’t allow the zipper to close and the magnetic strap to latch.

Size: 16.1 x 5.1 x 12.6 inches | Material: 100% Leather | Colors Available: 4

Roderer Award Briefcase

Why it’s great: Leather bags always look great regardless of brand, but nothing beats the Roderer Award Briefcase. Handmade to perfection, this compact container can keep a 13” laptop safe from impact with its interior padded pocket. It also sports slip-on patches for phones, pens, and other small accessories.

The interior zip compartments can hide your wallet or passport, and the exterior one can hold your other essential documents. The smooth soft-grain leather is embossed with a silver Roderer logo giving it a sophisticated design.

The lengthy handle makes it easy to hold, but if you prefer it over the shoulders then just clip the detachable strap on.

Who is this for? Great for businessmen who prioritize style while carrying only their daily essentials.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It’s big enough for only a 13-inch laptop, a couple of gadgets, pens, and papers.

Size: 14.96 x 11.02 x 2.95 inches | Material: Soft-grain Italian Leather | Colors Available: 2

KROSER Laptop Bag Premium Computer Briefcase

Why it’s great: With its expandable capacity, the KROSER Laptop Bag Briefcase can hold your 17-inch computer and more. Made from eco-friendly polyester fabric, it boasts a durable build and water repellency. It has padded compartments for a laptop, which is safely secured with a strap, and two slip-on pockets for accessories.

This is one of the best briefcases for men. It’s also equipped with RFID identity protection, so your credit cards won’t get hijacked by bad actors. If you need more space, then simply use the expansion zipper to increase the main compartment’s storage capacity.

Who is this for? Anyone that uses a bigger laptop will appreciate how much this briefcase can hold.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: It definitely may be uncomfortable to carry when packed with too many items.

Size: 18 x 12.8 x 7.5 inches | Material: Water-Repellent Canvas Polyester Fabric | Colors Available: 1

Bellroy Via Workpack

Why it’s great: For briefcase lovers who also love the convenience of a backpack, the Bellroy Via Workpack is for you. This slim-shaped, minimalist bag is meant for daily commutes. Its internal compartments include a 16” laptop sheath, a zippered mesh pocket for glasses, and it even has a water bottle sleeve.

Its patch for your keys, pens, and other small trinkets ensures that you’ll always have easy access to them. The water-resistant recycled material keeps all of your possessions safe from water. You can also grab it like a tote or slide it onto your luggage handle if your back ever gets tired.

Who is this for? This is one of the best briefcases for men. It’s is a practical choice for daily commuters and for modern guys who want the best of both briefcases and backpacks.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Putting a water bottle or an umbrella inside the bag will significantly reduce its storage capacity.

Size: 17.7 x 10.4 x 4.9 inches | Material: Water-Resistant Recycled Fabric | Colors Available: 3

man wearing the bellroy Via Workpack
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Buying Considerations For the Best Briefcases for Men

Intended Use

The best briefcases for men will vary depending on what you use them for. If you’re simply hopping on a train or in a taxi to get to the office, then you’ll likely only need a few compartments for your laptop and papers.

But, if you’re using a briefcase on longer trips or have errands to run, then opt for briefcases with extra storage and weather-resistant features.


Similar to your intended use case, size will vary on how long you’ll be away from home and how many items you need in a typical day. It’s not a good idea to have a bulky briefcase with a ton of extra pockets if you’ll never use them, but you also don’t want to lean too much into the minimalist side and not have enough storage.


Simply put, some materials are better than others, and it depends on what you need your briefcase for. If style and professionalism are your top priority, then you’ll want materials like leather and canvas.

But, if you need durability for rough commutes or you live in a place that has unpredictable weather, then waterproof polyester is your best bet.

a roderer award briefcase in the drivers seat of a car
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How We Chose

Most briefcase brands will claim that they have the best features and the highest quality, but the reality is that all briefcases will have different functions that work better for different people.

With this is mind, I read through customer reviews and product descriptions to find the best briefcases for men that would be best for certain individuals based on these factors:

Purpose: Is this briefcase best for daily use or long trips? Is there enough storage for everything a guy would need in a day? I looked for bags that served the right purpose, not ones that claimed to work for everyone all the time.

Customer Reviews: Do people who bought and used this briefcase vouch for it? Customer reviews were one of the main indicators of a good product when making these selections.

Price: There’s no need to spend more than you need to on a briefcase when there’s plenty of budget-friendly options. I balanced quality and price point when suggesting these briefcases.

Why Trust Us?

Joe Niehaus is an experienced product reviewer and world traveler. He has been to several countries in Asia, Europe, Central America, and more, and knows what to look for in travel goods.

He’s also covered similar categories like duffel bags and crossbody slings for sites like Travel + Leisure, so he has a strong familiarity with what travelers need in luggage.

Joe’s careful approach to finding the best briefcases for men men includes testing products hands on, judging the best materials, and working with industry experts to find what really matters versus what’s simply marketing fluff.

His readers get first-hand experience and tailored recommendations, not generic descriptions, to help make informed decisions based on real-life customer testimonials.

Final Verdict 

The best briefcases for men are made of strong, durable materials, have plenty of storage for all the necessary items, and are reasonably priced.

The Solo Grand Central Attaché Briefcase is my top choice because of its classic design, durable shell, and over 3,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Plus, it comes in at an extremely affordable price.


    • Yes, people still use briefcases in day-to-day life, especially if they have to go into the office. Briefcases store essentials like laptops, notebooks, and business cards, so a durable briefcase is a must to keep everything safe and organized.

      • It depends on the occasion and your job setting. If you have to wear a suit and tie everyday, then a leather briefcase will be appropriate, but if you have a more laid-back corporate setting, then briefcases made of nylon or polyester are more in line with expectations.

        • Just like most things, briefcases span a wide range of price points and qualities. You can easily spend a few hundred dollars on a luxury briefcase because it’s made of the best materials, or you can get a budget suitcase for under $50 if it’s made of more widely available fabrics.

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