6 Best Designer Sunglasses for Men: Eyes on Brands in 2024 | Fashion’s Digest

6 Best Designer Sunglasses for Men: Eyes on Brands in 2024 | Fashion’s Digest

Sunglasses are an essential accessory not just for style but also for maintaining eye health–this is no more true than in the blinding dog days of summer.

Cheap sunglasses might do the job in a pinch, but they almost never compare to a solid pair of designer shades. Designer sunglasses are often made with higher quality materials–not to mention they’re extremely recognizable. There’s just an undeniable “coolness” factor you get when wearing designer sunglasses.

So right now, you might be asking yourself, “Which brands are actually worth the money?” Well, this list breaks down some of the best designer sunglasses for men to pick up this year. Whether you want something classic or something a bit more modern, this list has you covered.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at these options and find the perfect pair for you.

Key Takeaways

To compile this list of the best designer sunglasses for men, I carefully considered factors such as brand, style, and lenses, ultimately landing on these 6 options.

Overall, the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer is one of the most iconic sunglasses out there. These shades feature a modern yet classic design that fits perfectly with so many different lifestyles.

The Oakley Sphaera sunglasses are another great choice, specifically designed for athletes.

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Best designer sunglasses for men: Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Sunglasses

Why they’re great: The Original Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are what put this sunglasses brand on the map – and for good reason, too. These are an iconic pair of sunglasses, instantly recognizable across the globe for their timeless design. The lenses offer 100% UV protection while the acetate frame is lightweight yet durable.

Who are these for? The Wayfarer sunglasses are perfect for fans of Ray-Ban or anyone who wants to emulate a classic style. The Ray-Ban website also includes a customization feature that allows you to design a pair to fit your exact needs.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These sunglasses are relatively thick, so you will likely be conscious of them while they’re on your face. Also, depending on the shape of your nose, they may need to be adjusted for an ideal fit. Still, they top this list of the best designer sunglasses for men.

Frame Size: 41 mm (Height), 133 mm (Width) | Lens: Classic/Chromance/Gradient | Colors Available: 13 | Polarized: Optional

Meller Chauen

Why they’re great: Meller is a younger brand that offers an array of modern sunglasses, including the Chauen. The lenses on these glasses are polarized, scratch-resistant, and feature UV400 protection. They also have a hydrophobic coating that can provide crystal clear vision when facing rain or snow.

Who are these for? These sunglasses come in more than a dozen different color variations, so they should fit well with almost any wardrobe. They’re some of the best designer sunglasses for men and an excellent choice for those who want plenty of useful technology incorporated into their shades.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: Although these sunglasses are offered in an array of colorways, it’s important to note that the exact shade might be a little different in-person compared to the colors shown online.

Frame Size: 42 mm (Height), 136 mm (Width) | Lens: Mirrored | Colors Available: 15 | Polarized: Yes

Armani Exchange Sunglasses Matte Black Frame, Gray Lenses

Why they’re great: Armani Exchange is aimed toward a younger demographic, with budget-friendly alternatives to the more expensive products from Armani proper. These matte black sunglasses feature a modern design and 100% UV-protected lenses.

The price is probably the biggest perk for these men’s designer sunglasses, offering name-brand recognition at a fairly inexpensive price point.

Who are these for? This is a great pair of affordable yet classy sunglasses that will likely garner some compliments whenever you decide to throw them on.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These are some of the best designer sunglasses for men. However, they are available in only one size: 62 millimeters. This is something to keep in mind if you tend to have difficulty finding the right size glasses for your head.

Frame Size: 62 mm (Height) | Lens: Mirrored | Colors Available: 2 | Polarized: Yes

Versace Sunglasses Gold Frame, Dark Grey Lenses

Why they’re great: Versace is another heavyweight in the designer market, making these Gold Frame Sunglasses an excellent choice as well. The design of these shades is super unique and elegant–like something from the future. Of course, they also feature the subtle baroque-style patterning synonymous with the Versace brand.

Who are these for? These sunglasses are for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd with a sleek and futuristic pair of shades.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These are some of the best designer sunglasses for men. However, they have a relatively thin and delicate frame, so it’s probably a good idea to use a case when you’re not wearing them to ensure that they never get damaged.

Frame Size: 40 mm (Height), 135 mm (Width) | Lens: Solid Tint | Colors Available: 1 | Polarized: No

Gucci Square Frame Sunglasses GG0962S

Why they’re great: Gucci is the most popular designer brand in the world, which is why these Square Frame Sunglasses are basically the epitome of luxury. These shades predominantly feature a black and grey color scheme, which makes them retro yet sophisticated.

The Gucci branding on each arm also makes it clear to everyone exactly what you’re wearing. Not to mention, these glasses also come with a satin-lined velvet case for protection no matter where you go. Some of the best designer sunglasses for men? Certo.

Who are these for? These sunglasses are for anyone who wants to flex a designer brand as much as they want a quality pair of eyewear.

Flaws but not deal-breakers: These sunglasses are very expensive for what they are, but that shouldn’t be much of a surprise coming from Gucci. Part of the price you pay for these sunglasses is to wear the brand name on your face.

Frame Size: 55 mm (Height), 145 mm (Width) | Lens: Solid Tint | Colors Available: 1 | Polarized: No

Oakley Sphaera

Why they’re great: Oakley is a brand with decades of research and experience behind its performance sunglasses. The Sphaera features a matte carbon frame that is lightweight yet durable, and the high bridge makes for a secure fit on the face.

The lenses are not only impact-resistant but also feature Oakley’s Prizm polarization, which can handle a variety of light conditions.

Who are these for? These are some of the best designer sunglasses for men and an ideal choice for athletes or athletic individuals seeking eyewear that’s virtually “weightless.”

Flaws but not deal-breakers: At this time, the Sphaera sunglasses aren’t offered with prescription lenses. This is something to keep in mind if you typically don’t wear contacts while exercising.

Frame Size: 50.4 mm (Height), 134.2 mm (Width) | Lens: Mirrored | Colors Available: 11 | Polarized: Yes

man wearing the sphaera sunglasses by oakley
oakley / Instagram

Buying Considerations For The Best Designer Sunglasses For Men


One of the first things to consider when picking out a pair of the best designer sunglasses for men is obviously the brand. Sometimes it can be a little tricky to determine exactly what qualifies as a designer brand. A good rule of thumb is that designer brands typically feature a notable designer on the team or in the name.

That being said, people tend to have different opinions on the exact definition of a designer brand. You have the usual suspects, like Gucci and Versace, but there are also many other brands out there that still make some of the best designer sunglasses for men but might not be as well-known.

Always make sure to consider the pros and cons of the brand you’re planning to buy from, especially when it comes to sunglasses.


The style of your sunglasses is also an important factor to consider, regardless of whether they’re from a designer brand or not. There are tons of different types of sunglasses out there, and many of them are geared toward specific styles.

For example, a classic pair of Aviators might work well with a casual, rugged outfit; however, they might be a bit harder to pair with a suit. Not to mention, some sunglasses tend to work better with certain head shapes and hairstyles, too.

So, make sure you consider a pair of sunglasses that will work best with your look and style before checking out.


Lastly, it’s pretty much a given that all of the best designer sunglasses for men have high-quality lenses. Lenses are the most important aspect of any sunglasses because they’re the main reason for wearing them in the first place. With that in mind, there’s an array of different lenses out there intended for different usages.

Polarized lenses are generally the gold standard because of their ability to minimize sun glare. Alternatively, you can also have mirrored, solid tint, and gradient lenses, each providing its own benefits.

man wearing a wayfarer sunglasses by rayban
rayban / Instagram

How We Chose

There are plenty of designer brands out there, let alone designer sunglasses brands. With most of these offerings being fairly expensive, it’s important to vet each product to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Each of the choices on this list was evaluated according to the criteria below for consideration as the best men’s designer sunglasses.

Brand Reputation: Does the brand have a good reputation? Does it specialize in sunglasses?

Customer Reviews: Do a majority of customers stand by their purchase, or do they regret the decision? Negative reviews are inevitable, but is there some validity in the critiques made by reviewers?

Personal Experience: Have I had a positive personal experience with the product or brand in question?

Why Trust Us?

Ryan Jamison’s insightful contributions to Fashion’s Digest are underpinned by a decade of hands-on experience and diligent product testing, cementing his status as a trusted authority in men’s fashion and grooming.

His reviews span everything from travel clothes to the best EDC essentials, which reflects a thorough understanding of what many men are searching for.

Ryan’s meticulous approach to evaluating men’s attire and accessories ensures that each recommendation is both practical and stylish, making his guidance invaluable for readers seeking to enhance their style.

This blend of personal experience, customer insight, and extensive research makes Ryan’s advice a valuable asset to the modern man. All of that certainly informed his analysis of the best designer sunglasses for men.

Final Verdict

In short, the Original Ray-Ban Wayfarers are some of the best designer sunglasses for men to own. These are an iconic style that’s truly timeless and well worth the investment for most men out there. The Oakley Sphaera sunglasses are another solid choice for those who live very active lifestyles.


    • You’ll often find male celebrities rocking designer sunglasses because they represent more than just eye protection–they symbolize style and luxury. I don’t know if I can even picture Dwayne Johnson without them! This clout influences everyday men who want to emulate their favorite celebrities by picking up a pair of designer shades as well.

      • Designer sunglasses are almost always better quality when compared to their less expensive alternatives. That being said, the high price tag you might see on a pair of designer sunglasses is most likely not a direct result of the materials used. When purchasing designer sunglasses, part of the price you pay is for the brand name to be plastered on your face for the world to see.

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