43 gorgeous flower tattoos you’ll actually want forever

43 gorgeous flower tattoos you’ll actually want forever

If you like your ink with a side of symbolism and hidden meaning, flower tattoos are the way to go. Florals of all kinds tend to be a popular pick, especially for clients just starting out. They can easily be scaled down to the dainty sizes trending on Instagram over the past few years. At the same time, they’re also just as pretty when enlarged to cover your torso or arms. And since they tend to carry connotations of positive things (like love, new beginnings, and happiness), chances are very low that you’ll want to remove them one day.

“A lot of my inquiries are for flower tattoos because of the different meanings behind them,” says Seoul-based artist Hongdam, whose meticulously detailed sketches and delicate aesthetic have made him popular globally. “I think they can be a good design for anyone.”

Hongdam recommends coming in with some reference images that show the exact style you want, then thinking about how you’d like your tattoo to look on your body. “There are no rules for choosing placement, but sometimes I’ll recommend where the design would work well,” he says. Ultimately, though, it’s up to you. “Since it lasts a lifetime, you need to choose where you want it,” he adds.

To help you narrow down your references, we rounded up the coolest flower tattoos and floral designs from our favourite artists and asked them to share the meaning behind each.

This feature originally appeared on GLAMOUR US.

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