37 best Christmas films on Disney+ to make you feel festive, cosy and nostalgic

37 best Christmas films on Disney+ to make you feel festive, cosy and nostalgic

We don’t mean to panic you, but Christmas is nearly here – and that means we’re ready for all the Christmas films. Yep, we know – how did that sneak up so quickly? We’re reaching for everything comforting and nostalgic to put us in the festive spirit. Think crafting, puzzles, and Disney. ALL the Disney.

Needless to say, watching Christmas classics is a comforting and helpful aid in forgetting about the (terrifying) state of the real world. So, you’ll find us in front of Disney+ (the home of every Disney film, TV show and documentary imaginable) for the foreseeable.

Luckily for us, it just so happens that Disney+ is absolutely inundated with Christmas films. Since the festive season is upon us, it seems only fitting to watch one a night. But before we grace you with all of the best festive movies, you’re probably wondering how much the privilege of having them all at your fingertips will set you back.

33 ultimate Christmas movies to watch on Netflix

Disney+ boasts an impressive catalogue of nostalgic films and TV shows and documentaries to enjoy. Sign up, and you’ll have access to a library of all the Disney magic in one place, including Christmas classics such as Home Alone, The Santa Clause and many more like Edward Scissorhands (yes, it counts!).

From Jim Carrey classic A Christmas Carol to Anna Kendrick taking over as Santa Claus and a lesser-known festive romp starring Bryan Cranston pre Breaking Bad, there’s something for everyone.

So, without further ado, these are all of the best Disney+ Christmas movies to make you feel festive and distract you from the outside world.

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