34 layered bob hairstyles that give all the oomph

34 layered bob hairstyles that give all the oomph

We know the bob is a classic. We agree the timeless shape will never grow old. But… if you want to remix the cut a little, the layered bob can blend in some extra drama and personality.

What is a layered bob?

Essentially, like its name suggests, it’s a bob with layers. The baseline should hold down the classic bob structure, with a sprinkle of shorter sections in the top layers to add movement. The key is to be tactical with the layers so as not to shatter the base shape and move it into mullet or shag territory.

In fairness, the layered bob is a bit of an oxymoron since bobs are typically cut straight and one-length around the base (aside from some super subtle graduation in length around the nape or face), but the layered bob can loosen up those blunt edges with a feathered finish or some soft pieces that offer extra volume and oomph. It gives a style that feels more rounded in comparison to the striking sliced bob and paper-cut bobs.

Why get a layered bob?

The layered bob works with your face shape (it can provide some face-framing action), adds extra movement, dimension and texture and is the ideal cut if you have longer hair and are looking to brave a shorter style. Likewise, it works well if you’re trying to grow out an already layered crop, like a pixie.

“The bob is a perennial classic working at every stage of life, but what I love about the layered bob is that you can simply adjust the length to flatter your face shape and add a little texture around the base to keep it fresh,” says Mark Leeson, Revlon Professional Global Artistic Ambassador.

“It’s perfect if you want a change that can take hair back to optimum health,” says Mark – after lots of styling or colouring, for example. “The layered bob is a great option for this – it’s fresh, textured and has an easy-going appeal that’s really attractive.”

How to get the layered bob?

So, what shall we ask for during our next salon trip to achieve the layered bob look? “Ask your hairdresser to add subtle choppy layers in line with your jaw – this is especially good for anyone with thinning hair,” explains Mark. “I love to place subtle colour around the hairline to highlight features and enhance the movement of the cut; it really adds to the texture of your hair.”

How to maintain the layered bob?

When it comes to maintaining the look, the good news is that the layered bob is pretty low maintenance. Mark just recommends booking in for regular trims every 8-12 weeks (depending on how quickly your hair grows) and using professional haircare that respects your scalp, particularly if you’re adding colour to your layered bob to frame your face and highlight your features.

How to style the layered bob?

We’ve seen the chop styled two main ways: shaggier, mussier and more relaxed, or bouncy and voluminous with ‘90s blowout vibes. For a more textured look, define your curls and waves with a curl cream, or (if you’re not a wavy or curly girl) encourage them by braiding your hair and leaving it to air-dry. For a more polished finish, tong your waves in alternating directions. For a bouncy finish, simply add a little root lift, blow-dry with a round bristle brush and tong the ends for extra movement.

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