24 Best Gifts For Dads — Whether He Needs Slippers Or A Therapist

24 Best Gifts For Dads — Whether He Needs Slippers Or A Therapist

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Dads, grandpas, and father figures all have one thing in common: they’re unique. Yes, they somehow all crack the same yuck yucks and “don’t need anymore stuff” for the holidays year after year; still, the best gift for Dad is not necessarily a crowd-pleaser. Rather it’s a quirky find perfect for his notoriously odd lifestyles and habits. Does he make everyone get to the airport three hours before boarding? Is he still retelling the same tales of his high school football glory days? Does he need to understand the concept of emotional availability? Whatever the idiosyncrasy, we found a dad gift or two that will make your father figure feel seen.

So if you’re desperate for an excellent present for your peculiar patriarch this year, you’ve come to right place. We found 24 excellent gifts for dad, whether he needs a fresh pair of slippers, a therapist, or (allegedly) nothing at all below. Spoiler alert: Prepare for heart-shaped pizzas, luggage scales, golf pen sets, and all kinds of clever goods that he never knew he needed.

Best Gifts For The “I Don’t Need Any More Stuff” Dad

Hickory Farms Hearty Bites Gift Box, $44.99 $40.99

Psst, we’ll let you in on a little secret: When in doubt, run to the food aisle. For the dads who insist their closets are filled to the brim, offices are fully supplied, and what have you, give them something that goes away on its own — we’re talking Hickory Farms’ top-rated meat and cheese gift boxes, Milk Bar’s seasonal peppermint bark bites, or a pair of frozen heart-shaped pizzas you can bake with love. Or, if he has even the tiniest bit of room in the fridge, slide him some fancy, truffle-infused hot sauces from fan-favorite brand Truff.


Best Gifts For The Airport Dad

Solgaard Carry On Closet Original, $345 $279

Airport dads were quite the hot topic on TikTok in 2023. If your father figure would sleep over at the airport a day before his flight if he were allowed, then check out these nifty Airport-dad-approved finds. Go for Solgaard’s top-rated Carry On Closet for a little luxury, or keep it simple and effective with a handheld luggage scale. We also found a travel sanitizing kit over at Bissell for tray-table wipe-downs and a multi-slot Passport organizer if he leads the pack at TSA.


Best Gifts For Dad Who Has Enough Jerseys In His Closet

HappyScents Co. Retro 3s Sneaker Candle, $65

So he thinks that his collection of sports jerseys means he still has a chance at the major leagues — and who’s to say he doesn’t? While he waits to take the top spot at next season’s draft, nab him a few sporty buys for the holidays that aren’t more uniforms. Over at Etsy, you’ll find some novelty sneaker candles, while Uncommon Goods is home to a challenging trivia game for devout fans. We also scouted NFL-themed grill accessories at Amazon as well as a kooky gold pen set that, according to one Amazon reviewer, is “a very fun stocking stuffer.”


Best Gifts For The Dad Who “Wouldn’t Even Know What To Talk About In Therapy”

Box Of Emotions Written & Illustrated By Tiffany Watt Smith & Therese Vandling , $19.99

Listen, toxic masculinity and vulnerability don’t necessarily go hand in hand. If your father figure is a tad emotionally unavailable, help him relax and reflect in 2024 with a few self-care-centric gifts. First up, The Box Of Emotions. Inside, he’ll find 80 cards with detailed definitions of emotions so he can accurately express how he’s feeling (for once). You can also always provide a little R&R and his life with one of Lunya’s bestselling washable silk sleep masks or Helight’s red light therapy gadget that enhances sleep quality. And make sure to add a sentimental journal to his stocking so he can weigh in on his life story with the help of thought-provoking prompts.


Best Gifts For Good Ol’ Grandpa

Uncommon Goods History By Mail Subscription, $40

Don’t forget about good ol’ gramps! We scavenged historical letter subscriptions, streamlined poker sets, soothing neck wraps, and handy mug warmers to show him you care, even if you forgot to call and say happy birthday this year.


Best Gifts For Rookie Dads

QuriousShop Copy Paste Shirt Set, $39.73 $31.78

Help your loved one transition into the equal parts terrifying and wondrous world of fatherhood with these cozy, sentimental gifts — whether it’s a comical matching t-shirt set, pair of fuzzy papa bear slippers, or personalized calendar filled with heartwarming photos of the family. But if affectionate finds aren’t really his thing, we suggest Courant’s sleek leather charging tray that he can swiftly throw his devices onto while dealing with daily new-dad chaos.

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