19 best wardrobes to solve all of your sartorial storage snags – from corner wardrobes to chic mirrored options

19 best wardrobes to solve all of your sartorial storage snags – from corner wardrobes to chic mirrored options

Made from: Solid oak.
Size: W113 x D61 x H195cm.
Assembly: Self.
Delivery: Within 10 days.

19. Best IKEA wardrobes

ELVARLI Wardrobe Combination

Why we love it: If you’re after a storage solution that enables you to proudly display your curated clothes collection, look no further than IKEA’s wardrobe combination, which consists of shelves, clothes rails and an adjustable post to utilise your full space.

Made from: Aluminium, Epoxy/polyester powder coating.
Size: Width: 258 cm, Depth: 50.8 cm, Min. height: 221.5 cm, Max. height: 350.0 cm.
Assembly: Full assembly needed.
Delivery: £40.

Things to consider when buying a new wardrobe

To really get the most out of your wardrobe, here are the top five questions you need to ask yourself before making your purchase:

1. Size

Before you place an order, take a moment to look around your space and consider what the most natural place for your wardrobe to fit would be. Don’t panic if you have a small bedroom, there are still plenty of options available to you, including single wardrobes and corner wardrobes.

Once you’ve figured out where you’ll position your wardrobe, whip out a metal measuring tape to get a better idea of your wall and floor space. Tip: make sure there’s enough space for your wardrobe doors to open. Again, if you’re working with a particularly small space, you could always opt for sliding doors instead. Depending on the height of your room, we recommend going for as tall a wardrobe as possible to really maximise your storage space.

2. Storage options

So, you’ve figured out where you want to position your wardrobe. Now it’s time to think seriously about what you’re going to put in it. Take another look around your room: what items of clothes tend to end up on the back of chairs or on the floor?

If you want to use your wardrobe primarily for hanging your finest coats, jeans, and dresses (e.g. the stuff you don’t want to get wrinkled), it’s a sensible idea to opt for a wardrobe with a long hanging rail. Or you might be after somewhere to store your excess ~ stuff ~ that you just can’t seem to find a home for – in which case, a wardrobe with plenty of shelves is a good choice.

3. Functionality

There are many different types of freestanding wardrobes, including those with double doors, those with triple doors, and those with err, quadruple doors? As we mentioned earlier, there are also different options when it comes to actually opening your wardrobe: do you go for hinges or sliding doors? And let’s not forget mirrored wardrobes – because how better to celebrate an expertly styled outfit than with a mirror selfie?

Top tip: always double-check to see if your wardrobe arrives assembled or whether you’ll need to do it yourself. This will save you from any nasty surprises, trust us. And make sure you’ve got someone on hand to help you position the wardrobe where you want it – we’re not getting any younger and TBH, we’re not in the market for straining our backs anytime soon.

4. Price

Depending on the size, a good wardrobe generally costs between £200 and £2,000. We don’t recommend going any lower than £200 as it may mean compromising on quality (and safety). It helps to do a bit of research before purchasing buying from a reputable brand to really get the most out of your investment.

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