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10 Best Bootcut Jeans for Men And How To Style Them in 2023 | Fashion’s Digest

10 Best Bootcut Jeans for Men And How To Style Them in 2023 | Fashion’s Digest


I was going to start off by announcing that bootcut jeans are back. However, I’m not sure they ever really went away. Sure, they’ve been temporarily kicked off the podium by skinnier, flashier counterparts, but the flared-out favorite has always found its way back to the closets of sharply-dressed guys.

A reliable wardrobe staple, the best bootcut jeans for men can seriously improve your everyday outfits. Better yet, their recent return has come at just the right time—coinciding with the popularity of chunky designer sneakers and robust work boots. But how do you separate the good from the bad?

To help with such a sartorial conundrum, I’ll be highlighting the perfect bootcut denim for every look, occasion, and budget. So whether you’re looking for something for work or the weekend, keep reading for your fast-track ticket to the finest styles around.

Key Takeaways

A great pair of jeans can be the foundation of your smart-casual outfits. But when it comes to picking something to team with your above-average-sized footwear, only one type of denim will truly suffice: bootcut. Tapered at the knee and loosened at the ankle, the timeless style deserves pride of place in every guy’s pant collection.

This guide will showcase a plethora of designs, including the Hazy Hank from Nudie Jeans and my top budget pick from Wrangler. There’s also a heap of popular styles from brands such as Levi’s and Lucky Brand, plus I’ll give you a heads up on what to look out for when picking your favorite pair. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, you’ll also find a bunch of awesome outfit ideas that’ll ensure you’re always dressed to impress.

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Nudie Jeans Hazy Hank Jeans

Fit: Slim | Sizes: 24-38” | Colors: 3 | Rise: High

You don’t have to be rocking up to the rodeo or riding a horse to wear bootcuts. Thanks to the ever-expanding silhouettes of men’s jeans, baggier styles are now a must-have for men of all occupations and sartorial preferences.

Hazy Hank is Nudie Jeans’ take on the loose-fitting denim trend (and it’s clear to see why they’re my top pick). The shape is slim across the thigh and gets slightly wider as you get to just above the knee. The result is a subtle bootcut flare that works well with everything from hiking boots to box-fresh Air Force 1s. Not too baggy nor skinny, they offer a flattering fit that’ll suit any body shape.

Wrangler Cowboy Cut Jeans

Fit: Slim | Sizes: 27-44” | Colors: 13 | Rise: High

Jeans can be expensive. With so many designer options coming with a significant cost, finding good-value denim isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Luckily, there’s still brands like Wrangler around.

Combining comfort with classic style, the Cowboy Cut 0936 gives you a helluva lot of denim for a pretty modest price tag. The cut is slim, with a wider leg opening that neatly sits over your favorite pair of boots. You can pair them with flannel shirts for a Western edge or keep it simple with a plain white tee.

Lucky Brand Easy Rider Jeans

Fit: Straight | Sizes: 28-42” | Colors: 1 | Rise: Mid

Ripped jeans help deliver some serious attitude to your everyday fits. Add a little flare to the mix, and we’re taking the awesomeness to a whole ‘nother level. Like what you’re hearing? Then you’ll love Lucky Brand’s Easy Rider.

Complete with a bootcut leg and mid-rise, the straight-fit style is a real winner for any self-confessed denim fan. The distressed detailing takes the coolness up a notch, plus there’s a hint of stretch to aid comfort. Wear yours with an oversized graphic tee and biker boots for a punchy look that’ll take you from the bar to weekend brunches.

Diesel 2021 Bootcut Jeans

Fit: Slim | Sizes: 26-40” | Colors: 1 | Rise: Mid

From 70s disco daddies to Johnny Depp and Justin Bieber, every man has owned some bootcut jeans. And it’s not just because they look good with boots; I like to think it’s more to do with our inner cowboy attempting to break free.

For that seriously cool rancher-off-duty vibe, you can’t go wrong with a pair like this from Diesel. Crafted from cotton with a little stretch for comfort, they offer just the right amount of wideness with a dark blue wash that pairs well with pretty much everything—from crew neck sweaters to button-down shirts and long-sleeved tees.

Levi’s 501 Jeans

Fit: Regular | Sizes: 24-42” | Colors: 18 | Rise: Mid

Searching for a suitable pair of white jeans is no easy feat. But when you do find some, they’ll soon become your go-to denim choice for summer evenings and beyond. So where do you go if you’re struggling for options? Levi’s, of course.

The 501 isn’t technically a bootcut, but the straight leg is more than wide enough to accommodate any bulky footwear (plus, it’ll look great with your favorite sneakers too). Pair them with striped tees for days in the city or with a casual shirt when you nip into the office.

Acne Studios 2021M Jeans

Fit: Relaxed | Sizes: 28-34” | Colors: 1 | Rise: Mid

Jeans are the ultimate staple, and they’re just about as versatile as clothing comes. It doesn’t matter what cut you go for, they’ll be ready to pair with everything from flannel shirts to chunky knitwear and polo shirts. Which is why it pays to invest in a quality pair you can turn to time and time again.

The 2021M from Acne Studios is worth every cent. Made from organic denim, they look like they’ve already been worn a little—it’s a good thing, by the way. It also means they’re a match made in heaven for band tees, baggy jumpers, and vintage high-tops.

Amazon Essentials Straight Bootcut Jeans

Fit: Straight | Sizes: 28-42” | Colors: 11 | Rise: Mid

Forget about any misconceptions you may have about men’s bootcut jeans. They’re no longer just for frumpy dads who refuse to let go of the 70s. In fact, the timeless style should be seriously considered by any man. But, like all good denim, they can be hard to track down if you don’t know where to look. Spoiler alert: it’s Amazon.

Part of the company’s menswear line, these classic five-pocket jeans are straight through the thigh, with an 18″ leg opening that’ll house a wide range of footwear (in more ways than one). Complete with a little stretch for comfort, they’ll feel most at home with Timberland boots and a pullover hoodie. Although I can’t think of much they won’t look good with.

Levi’s 517 Jeans

Fit: Slim | Sizes: 26-38” | Colors: 4 | Rise: Mid

When you think of the best bootcut jeans for men, you’re probably picturing the big, baggy pairs worn by skaters or cowboys in the Wild West. But what if I told you that the popular denim style comes in a range of fits? Including slim.

Levi’s 517 are cut to sit at the waist, with a slim silhouette that suits pretty much any leg shape. It’s not until you get to the bottom of the hem that things get a little roomier—making space for those new pair of boots you’ve been waiting to wear. Complete the look with your favorite graphic tee and a slightly oversized cardigan.

Hollister Boot Jeans

Fit: Slim | Sizes: 26-38” | Colors: 3 | Rise: Mid

Black jeans are such an important part of your wardrobe, I’d suggest investing in a number of quality options in different fits. One of those being (you guessed it) bootcut. Perfect for rainy days in the city when your feet require a chunky boot, black bootcut jeans will help tie your whole look together.

This pair from Hollister are so easy to style, you’ll probably be seen in them more often than not. You can wear them with boots or sneakers, and they’ll look great with all kinds of staples—from tees to hoodies and shirts.

Wrangler Retro Jeans

Fit: Slim | Sizes: 29-46” | Colors: 14 | Rise: Low

Low-rise jeans in baggy, oversized silhouettes are big news. From catwalk to sidewalk, every man about town owns a pair. So how low are we talking here? Worn at the hips, low-rise denim is designed to sit below your natural waistline. But this doesn’t mean you should be showing off your undies.

The Wrangler Retro jeans are the perfect addition to any well-rounded collection. They’re inspired by Western heritage, yet they’ll have no trouble fitting into a city environment. The shape is streamlined through the seat and thigh but gets wider from the knee downward (which is excellent news for your New Balance 452s).

Malling With Bootcuts
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What To Look For In The Best Bootcut Jeans For Men


You’d be mistaken if you thought all bootcut jeans for men are the same. Bootcut generally refers to the leg opening (which is wide enough to wear with boots), but the seat and thigh of the jeans can come in a range of fits. Which one you choose will depend on your body shape and how tight or loose you want your new denim to be.


Not all men’s bootcut jeans are blue. In fact, you can find them in a variety of colors, including gray, black, and brown. Which color you pick will be determined by not only personal preference but how often you want to wear them. For maximum versatility, stick to classic washes such as faded blue or charcoal.


Jeans come in all shapes and sizes. And bootcut jeans are no different. Whether you prefer your denim distressed or dark washes, there are plenty of options available. Make your decision based on your personal style, as well as what you want to wear with your new jeans.

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Final Verdict

Trying to highlight a single pair of jeans as ‘the best’ is no easy task. Which is why it made total sense to handpick a selection of designs to suit every style and budget. Whatever ones you choose, rest assured this collection of the best bootcut jeans for men includes only the finest options available online.

For those still requiring a little helping hand in making a decision, the Hazy Hank from Nudie Jeans is the perfect all-rounder. The ultimate blend of form and function, you can wear them with just about anything, plus the slim shape ensures they’re comfortable yet flattering all the same.


    • Bootcut jeans aren’t just for cowboys and long-legged females, they’re the ideal choice for regular guys too. The style was big news in the early aughts, but it’s now returned to the fore once more—with plenty of big names offering a wide variety of designs.

      • It doesn’t matter what body type you have, bootcut jeans can be a fail-safe option for anyone wanting to wear boots and other chunky footwear styles. It could be argued that taller guys can pull them off better, but that doesn’t mean men of all heights can’t wear them too.

        • Bootcut jeans are suitable for most leg sizes, but guys with bulging thighs are better off looking elsewhere. The cut of the denim can accentuate curves and give your legs a slightly feminine silhouette. Athletic-fit styles are ideal, while straight or slim denim is also great.


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